Uncertain Future of UK Immigration

Immigration has always been a contentious issue. Now in a post Brexit Britain, an indication of a large-scale change is apparent in figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The data reveals that scores of people are continuing to migrate and are transforming the current migration policy. The ONS is largely responsible for provision […]

Quicker Sealing with an L Sealer

Not meeting production targets in time? Need to speed up the sealing process in your production line? That is exactly what the l sealers does, alongside many more advantages. With demand for products going up keeping up with mass production is getting increasingly difficult in the traditional manual labour methods. What can the L Sealer […]

Using Fabric to Your Advantage

For fashion designers and arts and craft lovers, fabric is a huge part of their lives, whether it is creating a piece of clothing or even making your own bedding and curtains. Many people love being able to design and make their own clothes and accessories for their homes. To design and sew your own […]